how do you rank in local city

If your business provides services in multiple local markets, creating city website pages like Livingston Township can help Google understand the context of queries and rank your site more appropriately. Be sure to target keywords with local intent while maintaining consistency across your NAP citations.

Citations is an important ranking factor in local search, so it’s critical to review and correct your NAP citations as part of an audit of local SEO efforts.


If your business serves clients across multiple cities, creating city pages – an effective method of local ranking in search engines that allow SABs – is the key to dominating search results for each of them.

Note that traditional ranking factors still apply to local SEO, so ensure your content on City Pages is of exceptional quality and gain positive reviews to build trust, which is essential to rank locally.

Also consider including photos on your City Pages to demonstrate that you’re part of the local community, making it easier for potential customers to recognize you. Plus, using our free rank tracker you can see how your Map Pack rankings change with each city – this tool can help guide smart marketing spending decisions.


On top of your website, which you have control of, there are various other steps that can help increase your chances of ranking well in local search results. These include conducting an audit on Google My Business, on-page SEO audit and citation audit.

Another way to optimize local search results is by creating city landing pages in each of the cities you serve. These landing pages will help your business rank higher in organic search results while increasing visibility on Map Packs.

Local Falcon provides the ability to track rankings in a specific location by simply inputting your business name and selecting where you wish to track them – this way you’ll see how your rankings have changed over time and can select how granularly the Map tracking should be; for instance, tracking all 5 miles (8km).

Social media

An important element of local search marketing strategy is maintaining an active social media page. Doing so allows you to communicate regularly with your target audience and build brand trust while building links – an integral ranking factor.

Content that is relevant to its location should also be created. For instance, an in-home senior care company should create content about home care services in their city of operation to make it easier for potential clients to locate them.

Last but not least, you should get involved with your community. By sponsoring local events and discussions as well as speaking to media representatives about issues pertaining to them and increasing visibility in your area – increasing inbound links and social media growth along the way. Furthermore, actively participate in forums relevant to your niche to boost exposure and possibly land guest posts!

Google My Business

Google My Business’s Local Pack is one of the cornerstones of local SEO, occupying three top spots on a search engine results page (SERP). Relevance, distance and prominence are three main ranking factors; although it can be challenging to rank outside your own city’s SERP listings there are ways you can try. If your company primarily serves clients from another city then having a toll-free number or different address from what’s listed can help; you can also track local rankings through various rank tracking tools.

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Be sure to regularly monitor your GMB account. Accurate and complete information is critical for a high local rank; pay special attention to the info tab containing service area, phone number, website URL and appointment link URL. Remember: Google rewards consistency!